THE SAME SOFTNESS, JUST A DIFFERENT NAME. Bean bags "Pušku pusku" from now on - "Slowdown"              THE SAME SOFTNESS, JUST A DIFFERENT NAME. Bean bags "Pušku pusku" from now on - "Slowdown"              THE SAME SOFTNESS, JUST A DIFFERENT NAME. Bean bags "Pušku pusku" from now on - "Slowdown"              THE SAME SOFTNESS, JUST A DIFFERENT NAME. Bean bags "Pušku pusku" from now on - "Slowdown"              THE SAME SOFTNESS, JUST A DIFFERENT NAME. Bean bags "Pušku pusku" from now on - "Slowdown"              THE SAME SOFTNESS, JUST A DIFFERENT NAME. Bean bags "Pušku pusku" from now on - "Slowdown"
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Six creative ways to furnish an outdoor space with bean bags

Creating a comfortable and attractive outdoor space is simple and easy with SLOWDOWN products.

Why is it worth choosing outdoor bean bags?

Summer is a season filled with sunshine, relaxation, and the promise of unforgettable moments.

Best meditation practices

Meditation is focusing the mind or immersing oneself in particularly deep thoughts. Meditation has been recognised for many years as one of the most beneficial activities for human beings, allowing them to relax, to clarify what is most important in life, and to concentrate on the goal.

How to adapt furniture fabric to the interior of a living room?

Bean bags are the ideal choice for every home. It is perfect for working on the computer, reading a book, watching a movie or entertaining guests – whatever the occasion, you’ll feel very comfortable.

How to take care of bean bags?

A bean bag will add beauty, aesthetics, coziness, luxury and elegance to your home, and give you and your guests the opportunity to have a particularly pleasant time. To keep your bean bag in its original perfect condition for as long as possible, you should follow these tips:

3 ideas to keep guests entertained

If you are expecting guests, it is necessary to take care not only of the feast, but also to think about what you will be doing. And in order to spend time meaningfully and interestingly, it is worth making use of the following ideas.

TOP 3 bean bags by the pool

There is no shortage of reasons why you should have a pool in your property. Above all, a swimming pool will decorate any yard, garden or any other space and will create an impression of luxury.

Which bean bag fabrics should be chosen when setting up a home office?

When setting up an office at home, it is important to create such an environment that not only matches the overall interior of your home, but which makes you feel good, pleasant to work at and concentrate while working there.

Some tips on how to make the most of your work breaks

Taking a break during your lunch break can help you recover and come back to work being more alert. According to experts, short breaks have a positive effect on the body by lowering blood pressure, improving sleep quality, productivity and efficiency.

How to create a cosy outdoor terrace?

The outdoor terrace can become one of those spaces where spending time will be particularly cosy and pleasant, while the hours will pass by unnoticed. And to make it that way, it is worth paying attention to the following tips.

Care tips for outdoor bean bags

There is no shortage of reasons to purchase an outdoor bean bag. First of all, they perfectly adapt to the individual shapes of the human body, so they guarantee a particularly pleasant and high-quality rest.

Top 3 tips choosing furniture for the living room

We probably spend most of our time in the living room. The living room is not just for spending time alone. After a day’s work or on weekends, it’s also where the whole family gathers, and where we often welcome guests. More:

TOP 5 best movies of all time

When it is cold, gloomy, dark and windy outside, one of the most pleasant ways to spend time is watching movies with your loved one or the whole family on extremely comfortable and soft bean bags. And if you are looking for ideas on what movies to watch, be sure to check out these suggestions.

What furniture should be used in the working environment?

Most of our time is spent working, therefore it is important to create an environment that makes us feel comfortable and cosy. Maintaining a good emotional state and a good aura helps to concentrate better on the work at hand, helps to stay focused for a longer period of time and feel more productiv


The sensation of this year - FOAM BEAN BAGS! This is a whole new relax experience, truly luxury softness and comfort. You will enjoy super thought over models for ultimate your body relax and we are pretty sure that you will have a hard time leaving this super comfortably designed soft and satisfyin

All you need to know about choosing a bean bag in the right way

Nowadays, it‘s difficult to imagine a modern interior either at work or at home without modern-mobile interior accents – bean bags.

Hand made in Europe

Pusku pusku bean bags are created with precision for details and from quality fabrics. We offer a choice of more than 1500 different bean bags created for modern people who seek new designs and uniqueness in every detail.

Bean bag TUBE - Lithuanian passion, Italian design!

The story of TUBE have started when Remigijus Balciunas, CEO of Lithuanian brand Pusku pusku was visiting a design fair in Stockholm and met Francesco Costacurta there.

First bean bag

Did you know that the first beanbag was designed back in the 20th century?

NEWS! ZIP edition bean bags with zippers.

Dreaming of an exclusive and stylish interior? We offer to buy Seat Zip bean bangs, which can be easily transformed into a comfortable sofa. You can combine several colors or buy one-color sets of bean bags.


Curious to know how the bean bag became true? Here is the story, the real story. In 2008 Remigijus – the founder and owner of Pusku pusku – was looking for some furniture for new apartment.

How to choose a bean bag for outdoors?

As the weather warms up, we want to spend more and more time in the fresh air. After a long working day it’s a pleasure to put feet up, take a book and relax enjoying the sun. And when the weekend comes, the thought of inviting friends to dinner comes to the mind.

Bean bags Foam Bean bags Outdoor Bean bags Indoor bean bags Poufes Armchairs Sofas Loungers

Heavenly pleasure

Soft and comfortable, adapts to the body shapes.

Faster than furniture

We will produce the bean bag in 3-5 days.

Universal use

Changeable and washable outer bag.

Variety of designs

Wide selection of fabrics and bean bag shapes.


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